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Love is a great gift. It is said to be a powerful weapon that no other power can overcome. It is not boastful and nor jealous.


The great weapon the overcomes everything
A great virtue that standeth sure in all things
A strong wall that no intruder can destroy
A serious room that give no room for toys

Happy is the man that finds it his heart
Who seems as the happiest man on earth
What findeth no fault in the wrong
Which never loose out of turn in the tongue

It's never in time of thorn, grow wings
Nor judging like a judge in his wig
Making the earth a paradise away from paradise
Having not too many faces like that of a die

It never understood in bed of roses
Which put a smile in a lip full with balm of glossy
Spying in my dreams in the night
Keeping me off danger like a knight


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sanagat nice posting my friend likes to read it

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