When the elected leaders fail, private people take their place

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Succeeding despite bad leadership

So yesterday’s launch really made me think. If you are not yet aware, Space X launched their heavy rocket successfully, and we now have a Tesla car floating around in space, heading towards Mars. If all goes well, it should end up orbiting mars for much longer than any of us will be around.
Right now, there’s a lot of shit going on with the world's governments. In Europe we have seen the politicians going further and further towards the right, the U.S surely isn't doing any better with their orange, baby handed, buffoon behind the wheel, China is starting to enforce a social point system, and much, much more. With politicians being either incompetent, unethical, or both, the future can look quite bleak. I realise people can have different opinions, and naturally, there are some good politicians, but for me, most of them look quite abysmal.
Anyhow, seeing all this can make me feel somewhat down, as it can all appear to be going down the drain. With this in mind, it is awesome to see that we have people, and private companies who are doing genuinely amazing stuff.

Politician enjoying a quick lunch before a meeting

It is not that i do not trust our politicians, i simply do not have any faith in their abilities. The vast majority relies on populistic policies to gain support, and unfortunately it seems to be working. Most of them have lost all of their integrity, and i am often amazed that they haven’t yet forgotten how to breathe. With the way things are going, chances are that a nuclear war could be started at any moment because some leader thought that he pressed the button for ordering fried chicken.
With disaster looming over us at any minutes, due to the incompetencies of our leaders, it is nice to see that there are people/ companies actively working to make the world a better place.

Just a quick thought that i needed to share.
Hope you’re all safe, cheers guys.

Until next time

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This post reminds me of the saying that
If Mohammed cannot go to the mountain, the mountain will go to Mohammed. Cool post by you @emilclaudell