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in life •  10 months ago

I'm happy to be alive, to be part of this​ exciting​ trip thru life with endless now moments. 

And I have a good feeling for this year, it will bring lots of love, change, progression, evolvement and abundance​. 

I'm excited about the crypto space and all the possibilities it brings. 

I'm also excited to run​ two companies and to launch a lot of new ideas.

And I'm super excited about becoming a dad again!

Not stocked about ai domination though​!

That's that..

And to all my followers; I wish you all a late but happier new year!

Much Love 😍

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Congratulations on all your big milestones this year! AI domination funny twist to the post. Keep up the great work and congratulations again.


Thanks man :)

Lots of great things ahead!
This AI is creepy though. If I remember it right, her name is Sophia. She is the first AI to be granted an Arabian Citizenship. I'm sure there's lots of strings attached.


Oh yes, I'm gonna focus mostly on the great things though :) But yes the ai is a bit concerning in some aspects.