Mangrove forest inside

in life •  8 months ago

Thick mangroves grow on the ocean coasts. Such forest lives its own life. There are always a lot of animal dwellers inside that forest.

Camera: rx10m3
Location: Santa Cruz - Galapagos

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Beautiful Photography. Thanks for sharing this post :)

life is beautiful when you see in deeply or closeup , as it same photography .. cute, silent and peaceful these three words when combine you are relax in your life.. good photography!

nice natural photographs, and also ad photo of birds that was fighting in mangrove tree, I like the atmosphere of your photo ..

Beautiful photography @elviento.
The tiny bird is so adorable.
Love the last picture.

Interesting pictures! The bird on the first photo is just beautiful))

All ecosystems are interesting looking :) I think I've only seen mangroves a bit inland (trying hard to remember how many coastal ones I've seen and none are coming to mind right now), this one looks so nice and clean!