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Between the grief story and happiness


In fact, I was grieving, very, how not, the land that I was preparing to plant onions and the progress was almost 50 percent had to stop temporarily, due to the local flood due to the heavy rain that has been falling for the past few days

I was stunned, I was amazed because my hard work and perseverance in working on the land could have ended in vain, I was almost desperate

But the power of God is above all, when I was almost drowned in sadness I received another gift that meant a lot to me, my wife gave birth to our daughter safely and both in a healthy state, I was very happy with this condition, at least I can forget the sadness I have it

And these two successive incidents became a whip for me to become more aware, that God's plan is that no one can predict.
After understanding this case, I was determined, tomorrow morning I would begin to reorganize my farm land which was half destroyed, I would not stand idly by, I would awaken again all hope, the presence of my little daughter was the trigger of my life

All Text and Image in all of my Post are my Original Work

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So cute baby

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