Crawling into consistency be like...

in life •  17 days ago


Hey guys 🙋

Yes another post after a long time. I love steemit, I love to write, I love making videos and I even have a book filled with ideas and topics and little details. And I try so hard to keep up with the schedule I have decided for myself. But then...

Then, life happens. I fall into this abyss of depression. A place where I doubt about my own existence. A whole another level of negative feeling where I want to be ideal and not wanting to get up. Even then my mind crave to write but there's someone who dwells inside me with the superpower to suppress all those desires. That monster makes sure that I don't make a single move against it's will. And most of the time the monster parties with it's victory over my will.

And then there are times like these where I realise the need to defeat the monster. Times like these I step out of the blanket and just start with a small step... Sometimes making Boring and lifeless posts. But this is life at times. Maybe this is how life is supposed to be.

I hope I will be consistent from today. After all it's the hope that makes us restart in life I think.

Thank you to all of you who have been kind to me throughout the difficult times, to those who motivated when I was totally down and to everyone who have tried to cheer me up when life was a total mess 😊

Have a nice day everyone. 😊

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