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This photo isn't mine, I screenshot it from an IG story so I don't really know the source.

A couple of days ago I read a tweet that went a little bit like this:

"Make blessing your food a habit, it will trickle down to everything in your life."

In that moment I didn't pay much attention to it, but I remembered that tweet the day after and proceeded to start blessing my food.

Now what happened after I started doing that was not something in the likes of me becoming Buddha or winning the lotto or something like that, but it definitely started trickling down the way that I see my life.

When you start blessing your food, you eventually realize that there are things in your life that you don't really appreciate, things that other people would love to have.

This is gonna sound stupidly obvious and probably puke-inducingly cliché, but blessing your food makes you realize that your food is indeed a blessing.

Still think it's whatever? Just take a moment to consider that around 3.6 billion people at this very moment don't have enough food to eat / are currently starving.

The moment you understand this statistic is the moment you understand that damn, if that many people are starving, then that means that those same people probably don't own a smartphone, or a laptop, or have a decent job... things that I have and that I indeed failed to realize are blessings.

Blessing my food has allowed me to see things in perspective:

Yeah I might not have the job that would really fulfill me spiritually right now, but I have one that has allowed me to save some money and invest (and in the process has provided me with food and took me out of the 3.6 billion statistic).

I could continue to see my job under the lens of this is so boring, I hate it; but if I can't feel happy that I managed to land my current job, would I be happy with my next job? Would I, in the moment that I finally land my dream job, end up finding something else to complain about? Would I once again fail to see that I have a bright blessing in front of me?

If I can't feel grateful that I earned a dollar, will I really feel grateful the moment I earn 10000 dollars?

Gratidão means "gratitude" in Portuguese.

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