in #life6 years ago

something is eating me up,
it's within me but killing me just like cancer.
it's of me but i don't want to give up,
I've got many questions without an answer.

it's like no one really care
but pretend to show they care
you're just a distraction
that needs no attention.

i know their is something better ahead,
but i can't think straight for i have no head
if you clam the heard why are you the tail,
I’m so tired of your folktales.

For my heart is broken,
I am a good man I’m not just perfect.
If you think I’m dirty take a look in the mirror,
Oops… I think the mirror just broken.

I’m just a human being,
I don’t have to do anything.
I have given him everything,
For he is the supreme being.

I’m a grown man pleas respect my decision,
You want me to have my walls down.
Well now they are down,
Would you please put an end to these acquisitions.

I’m sick and tired of you
You make me quake in my shoes,
I’m standing up now to show you,
Want it fill like to be in my shoes

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