Real Talk — Please Do NOT Make The Same Mistake Over And Over Again!!!

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I was just reading a post of a friend of mine here on Steemit about his encounter with a rich guy in a bar and this guy sharing his „secrets“. After reading his post I read the comments and saw some guy asking about advise for his investments because he wanna get rich to and talking about a lending platform. Lately I often read comments like this and I really see a problem in that. As always when I see someone asking something like that I take time to comment on it — as I did today. I just wrote out of my heart and tried to help this guy out by giving him advice and would like to share this with more people to get a wider exposure for my message and to hopefully prevent some pain.


Just stay AWAY from those lending platforms!!!!
They are all obvious ponzi schemes that will eventually crash with no doubt. If you don't believe me just google 'bitconnect' and read about them.
And further please do not invest in things you don't understand that was the problem with bitconnect. Bitconnect just told everybody they had a trading bot and that is the reason for the daily payouts but in fact it just was a classic ponzi scheme model. Their were never any prof of the existence of this trading bot but since nearly everybody that invested in it had no clue about anything they just got away with it.
If you really think about investing stick to the classic investment (buying Cryptocurrencies). BUT you need to do your own homework. You need to learn and study hard and really invest some time to get to know the basics about Cryptocurrencies and the market.
Don't be sheeps and do what other people tell you to do!
Do your own research and then decide for yourself!
Many people do not get it. You really need to compare it with a job! You can't just open a shop and start making (for example) shoes - you will fail since nobody will buy your shoes since you don' know how to make shoes proper. So that means you can't just start investing and thinking you will get rich without any knowledge or because someone on youtube told you, you will get rich by doing this and that.
And guys please do not quite school, university or what not in the thought you will get rich by doing this and that.
Wisdom is the most precious thing in the world and you can't just change wisdom with money without being lucky as f*** (and to the luckfactor, since many people will say I can get lucky - just think how many times you won the lottery so far - exactly!)
Please do not take this personal! English isn't my mother tongue so I'm not really able to explain such things the way I would love to explain them to you and I'm just doing it to prevent peoples pain in the future.
Wish you eternal happiness and all the best in live!

Just in case they are not OK with me sharing this, I won’t mention them. They can decide on there own if the wanna join this conversation or not. At this point I also have to say my friends post doesn’t encourage people investing in some thing. He just subjectively told the story about his encounter with the rich guy.

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wise talk, a lot of scam programs and projects exploded nowadays,attracting people with the huge profit they can make.people need to think twice before making a step a head and know where they put their money.


100% agree!