"THE LOVE AND FUN" by Prince Jett Harley

in #life5 years ago


Today I met this kids on the busy Roads on my way back home And with so much effort They held me.. I couldn't Resist but give them a feedback...
However, From this side of the Country barely do People, Passers-by notice or succumb to their Request despite their approach. It doesn't cost nothing to yield to the hands that Ask neither do u Loose.. I've always been a past product
of shun off!...

"Anyway I had nothing with me to give out..but I thought and said to them Can I Take some pictures with you and maybe​ next time I will always have to give you..They agreed With people watching, I took the pictures with them..They bliss,The love & The fun was Enthusiastic. Neglecting them was more like a huge heartbroken​ & mess..I cant Explain but I think they were more happy than what I could have given..

Afterthought: They are the real big thing
Next Time I will pick them up as breeds, Or push further to care and Embrace them..

#Me #Africa #Thedeportedkidbeggars #fun #Thelifetocomeextraordinarylife #Entrepreneur

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