# Online Monitoring Spirit Friends.

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This post is about online 'friends' who don't connect, who don't reach out, who are eager to type RIP or surveillance "congrats". They are popularly known as monitoring spirits. This is not an attack on anyone.


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intentionality I think, is to send friend requests to people who really matters to you. Or, how do we explain that you sent a friend request to someone who you are not interested in in anyway.

This is not a circus, an exhibition or a zoo. Relationship for me, regardless of gender and platform is a love affair, if I request to be your friend, I really mean it.

A lot of triviality has gone into online interactions, which bothers me.

Illogical rivalry that looks exactly like a form of sickness.

Who pulls who they are 'beefing' into their space?

I understand that love grows cold sometimes, that people who were lovers in the past can now be on their own. Yes, pretty explainable.

But what about someone who sends a request and 'sits' aloof, for two years without a hi, or an exchange.

I think i am old fashioned. But I totally do not get it.

Yes you may be doing amazing things, but connection is important. Silence on the social media is as dangerous as a bad vibe.

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