Happy Sukkot... what is this Jewish holiday supposed to mean ?

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In these days, Jews from all over the world celebrate  Sukkot

 What is actually Sukkot?

Succot is a Jewish holiday in which two things are noted simultaneously.

1. End the harvest season. If you did not have a successful harvesting period, then your family would probably starve  the winter, so the end of the successful harvesting season was a joyous occasion, so it is a Obliged to bless and go around with a Citron and weeds.

2. Belief in God and how short life is. Sukkot also has an attempt to remind you how short and unstable life is, so it is necessary to leave the air-conditioned and pleasant house for a week and move to a succah (a weak wooden cabin) for seven days. Moving to the wooden cabin is supposed to make a person feel poorer because he is not in his usual home