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RE: Why you shouldn't give up on your dreams

in #life4 years ago

so you have been into bubbews. i spent much money to pay for my phone data, but always failed my payout.
great that now you are doing good on the new job. and here we are in a paid to post site again.


eheh true @ekavieka, but steemit is a truly amazing platform and I've already redeemed over 40$SBD just by one post months ago. This site is astonishing and I think we can't compare this to the old useless Bubblews. Just for the record, I wrote over 100 posts for them and they never gave me a single penny, even though I reached the 50$ minimum payment :)

i made over 200$ on thay bloody site. and my payment to paypal always failed on the last day of the clearance.
wowwww $40 SBD in a single post? you rock! ! !

lucky you. 😃😃 see you around my bublews' victim friend. LOL
any way,. i found you on the facebook group.

awesome :)

eheh, it was a lucky post upvoted by a whale XD (it's my story and I think it's a great read to know morea bout lgbt teens, if you want to check it out on my profile ;) )