Don't stay broken

in life •  20 days ago 

"Switch your mentality from "I'm broken and helpless," to "I'm growing and healing," and watch how fast your life changes, for the better.

The mental state of man determines how he manages his situations and how he goes through life.
If you are broken and stay helpless you cannot be helpful to and most importantly, to yourself.


Your state of mind has a big role to play in your survival and evolution. If your mental state isn't positioned rightly, you will never amount to anything more than you present yourself with.

Pick up strength and profess that, you are growing and healing and just wait to see how life falls into place for you.

A man is more about his thoughts and processes than he is of what shouldnor shouldn't be.

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You are full of insight and thoughts. Yes, it is all about perspective and how we choose to see things will determine how fast we can get out of it. I am growing and healing. Power of positivity.

Thanks for the nice words.
Life is black and white but we have to create for ourselves an escape in the form of lollipops and rainbows and that there is what makes us overcome.

Stay Awesome!

Brilliant as usual. Thank you sir.