Don't mind the pace, keep pushing.

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Never discourage yourself because you are moving slow, check to see how much what you are doing is increasing and follow through with it.


Many know how well to discourage others from progressing because, they see the process as being very slow.
The progressive mind doesn't always run ahead of itself, it takes its journey one step at a time and advances stylishly.


As we are different, so are we in our prowess and skills.
What takes some a day, may take others a month and what is achieved in a day may not always be better than what is achieved in a month.


Make continual progress, no matter how slow. If you are on the other side of the divide, don't prosecute anyone for the slow pace of their work.
Celebrate the pace of their growth and help them find their field of play.

The snail and the tortoise may be slow, but they sure get the work done.
If it doesn't work for them or happen the way they want it, that feeling never stops them from making continuous progress.

Be you, be sure, be careful, be deliberate and you will soon get your trophy standing on your shelf.

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