Choose rightly because, you have a choice.

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"There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them."- Waitley Denis.photo1529079018732bdb88456f8c2.jpeg

The choice is yours, accept your condition as is or accept the responsibility to change it.


You have to choose. So, choose now.

  • Accepting the condition: It is usually easy to settle for the easiest part of life because, being easy, spells comfort to many and they live their lives paying for something they already have.

When you accept the situation as is you may have just got yourself locked down into a process that doesn't allow for growth or increase.
It is one reason why, many have a laid back attitude to life and everything therein.

  • Accepting responsibility to change: This is the least of the worries and plans many have. They do not see themselves as being good enough to take up on a challenge to see things happen for their good.

The man who decides to take up the responsibility to make change happen for something is, not the likeable type at first because, he will never be able to meet up to the expectations of those who accept the situations.

When you accept the responsibility to effect change as it regards the situation everyone feels, you just got counted into the camp of those who see their lives as more than just a situation.
Only the heart with a push for the future usually takes it upon itself to determine what the change they want to see and be part of should be.


Of grumbles,murmurs and sighs.

Those who accept the condition/situation for what it is are usually classified into this class.
They believe they have an entitlement so they never fail to grumble, murmur and sigh at the least bothering situation.
Everything to them needs to be made a complaint otherwise, it wouldn't make sense.

Of hope, faith, courage and an undying resolve to win.

Those who take up the responsibility to make change of their condition/situation are usually in this camp.
They huff and puff it through the moments of pain, uncertainty, doubt, disbelief and hate to become celebrities.

There is not reason they see too big to make them stop believing even if it means constantly telling themselves a lie that, "everything will be fine."

Be determined to see the end of the battle where you will be the victor. Don't allow the process of how others manage their lives be the same script you adopt to make yours.
Build your own strategy and never allow the situation determine your mindset and mood.

Choose the right approach because, you have a choice.

Make the world a better place for someone today!