Would you have sex with a robot?

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Ok so let's create a futuristic hypothetical world...

Please take your mind 30 years into the future and robots have become very nearly indistinguishable from humans.. Nano technology has made it so we can replicate many of our bodies functions so the robots not only on the outside appear human but also inside.. for example a nervous system very similar to our own.. this enables the robots to feel touch

Artificial intelligence has reached a level that has surpassed our own capabilities at this time so you can have not only an intelligent conversation with a robot but really interesting conversations that have no limits..

The robots can be made to any specification, so you can design your ideal mate, not only the looks but also the personality..


This is a really interesting topic, not just sex with robots but the future with robots in our lives.. i think it is inevitable that human like robots will be a massive part of the future and to talk just about using them for sex is a bit unsettling for me so i am going to leave it there (not saying i wouldn't know ;) my next robot post will be a much more in depth look at how this will impact us focussing on the positives mainly..

e i a w o - everything is always working out

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Sure as long as I can design the robot to customize my tastes and or you know it's an Android we need to define if a robot is a person with any modifications or a pure machine. I shall name the first one SIRI (ha-ha sorry just had to go there) with her Sister Cortana :D

haha! i agree, the future is exciting! thanks for reading ;0