Dolphin talk

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Firstly dolphins are great, everybody likes dolphins.. they always seem so happy! so i have decided to speak specifically about dolphin intelligence..

Dolphins are classed as the smartest animal after humans which is pretty cool although who really knows.. just because we can create things like the blockchain and sky scrapers doesn't necessarily mean that we are smarter.. for example i will ask you this question.. why did we (the human race) create the blockchain? you might say a number of reasons but let's take just one.. For example blockchain enables us to give power back to the people.. ok cool! then i'd ask why do you want to give power back to the people.. 'well errrmm because obviously it feels good to feel empowered! YES good answer - because it feels good!

Now back to dolphins and the subject of intelligence 'a dolphin (if it spoke english) might say to you "so you created the blockchain to feel good?" "yes" i'd say, "but we dolphins have the equation the other way round, we feel good first, you could say we feel good because it feels good to feel good..we don't have to do anything to feel good..if we eat some fish or have a play with our friends then we feel even better but we always feel good" the dolphin might then go on to say "if you know how to feel good even when your circumstances are not how you'd prefer then surely that is a much more intelligent way to live life rather than creating your blockchain?"

"Listen dolphin you didn't create the blockchain, you haven't built any sky scrapers we are the best and most intelligent species on the planet!"

"ok human whatever you say but i will leave you with this.. every living thing on this planet including you humans, make all their decisions on the basis that they will feel better in the doing so, whether thats an impulse or pre meditated, it is all in the hope of feeling better..i'm not saying you will feel better after doing what ever you chose to do but that is the mechanism that we all live what is intelligence, we dolphins believe it is being smart enough to realise that you can bypass all the wanting of sky scrapers and blockchain technology of the world and simply just feel good for the reason it feels good to feel good therefor we live a much more simpler life than you guys, i don't mean to belittle but we the dolphin race feel pretty smug that we figured this out before we felt the need to create external and somewhat superficial ways (sky scrapers) of chasing that good feeling feeling.. Any way human we still think you're cool and you will get it one day.." the dolphin said in a slightly patronising way..

the dolphin then went on to say "but we do really like the idea of the blockchain and what it means for the whole planet, for example if someone on steemit posted something that said 'hey everyone you know if we dump loads of rubbish in the sea we might save some money in the short term' what would be the chances of that being up voted - i'd take a guess that it probably wouldn't even get one vote!"

"So human i will give you the blockchain, that is pretty smart!"

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