When we cross that line

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The common cause of breakups in relationships among people ranging from their late teens to the end of their mid twenties can be summed up to something simple. It is a flaw that deafens their ears to reason and blinds their eyes to the truth.

At that stage, people start to notice their enviromment, themselves and their sexual orientations in a different light.
They get easily influenced by what their peers tell them and they fall for just about any notion which suits them.

Life for people at this stage is basically a trip of "perfection" as everything must be the way they dream of it. No time for compromise, no time for understanding...rather they wish to be understood and assume they understand others without actually understanding them.

Most life changing decisions are made at this point. Chances are, this is the point where most heart breakers, womanizers, cheats and so on are born. This period is the point where people experience that life changing experience which forever leaves an imprint kn their hearts and mind.

Sometimes, these people don't know that subconsciously they have become a vessel for just about anything. People strive to be noticed at this point, they strive to be appreciated, they strive to be loved the way they would dream of. They strive for a lot of things because they are naive to the realities of life.

Basically, at this stage, everyone is still raw, meaning they might be at that stage where everything seems new to them and people get easily corrupted. I know of so many ladies who have made the wrong choices at this point in time in their lives. Similarly, I know of men who have also made wrong choices at this point in time in their lives.

At this point, rebellion is high, people within this bracket feel like they have figured out how the world works. The truth is there is a thin line which if we cross, either of three things happen;

  • We lose good people.
  • We create monsters.
  • We become monsters.

No one ever goes through life with the intention of doing evil but we have to realize that we could lose a lot of people and a lot of things it we get carried away by the distractions that come with this stage. Not everything is as it seems at this stage and this is the point where a lot of people come out of with a lot of regrets.

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It basically the stage that mould human being.
It is a stage between childhood and adulthood where the need for belongingness is at it peak.
If the stage is not properly managed, many people regret till the end of their life.

Interesting. Most people go into Relationships for just the sake of being in a relationship. The moment most young men and women attain certain age, they feel the next fun thing or big thing for them to do is to be in a relationship. Most of them don't even know what they want from a relationship, they just follow the trend. They only realize how foolish and unreasonable they've been after several disappointments and frustration. Relationship is for the prepared mind. Anyone that goes into it unprepared should take whatever comes his/her way