Dealing with low self esteem (Part 2 of Achieving greatness faster than ever thought)

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You are smart, funny, talented, intelligent and extremely good at heart.

You have solutions to most of the problems around you. You could regale people with interesting stories that cracks them up. You can deliver the best speech. You can be the winner of the contest/competition. You could be the perfect partner, parent or friend.

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But you do not always hold up to that expectation. Something holds you back.

Something tells you that your ideas are not worth mentioning in public. Something prevents you from sharing your interesting stories. Something tells you, you can not be the be the winner of the competition.

Even when you know that you can be so much more, deep down you still have a nagging feeling that you are not worthy of greatness, accolade, pure joy, and happiness.

Low self esteem is preventing you from living your life to the fullest.

Be yourself and stop pretending in an attempt to please others.

Ever heard the quote?

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time?
Knowing that someday you will be caught is what kills the self esteem.

Stop pretending. Be your authentic self. It isn't easy, but if you manage to get past the initial fear it's so liberating. And that liberty of being who you are, without pretenses, makes way for a healthier self esteem.

2. Cultivate the habit of saying no. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

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Most times we say yes, because of the fear of hurting someone's feelings. But each time you say a yes you don't mean, you will end up doing a lousy job, because you did it half-heartedly. And then you will end up being unhappy with yourself that you did such a lousy job.

Break out of the habit. Learn to say what you mean and mean what you say. You don't necessary have to be mean or rude about it; just be decisive. Developing the skill of being decisive in a kind but firm manner, and fulling your promises, will go a long way in boosting your self worth.

3. Break the notion of perfection.

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It's a good thing to seek for self improvement, but don't let the fear of failure prevent you from making a your next move. No matter what you choose to do you wont do it perfectly. Always have it at the back of your mind that nobody is perfect, no matter how beautiful, wealthy or successful they might be.

Focus on 'small wins' - don't chase big achievements. Do the little things and use it as a springboard. Whatever you can do be proud of it!

4. Avoid negative self talk.

You might automatically put yourself down.

But learning how to challenge your negative self beliefs can have a positive effect on your self esteem. If can be helpful to ask yourself this question. Would I think about a loved one in such a way?

5. Stop comparing yourself with others.

It can be very challenging to stop comparing ourselves unfavourably with others, especially when we are surrounded by images of celebrities.

But try to remember that what you know about them is what they choose to share about to the public, and it isn't really the dull picture about them. So comparing yourself isn't a realistic idea at all.

6. Connect with people who love you.

It's easy to feel bad about yourself, if you're always with people who doesn't appreciate you.

Make efforts to be around people who loves and treats you the way you're suppose to be treated. This will challenge your negative impressions about yourself, and give you reasons to be more confident.

Thanks for reading☺️👍.

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Great advice! #4 is a BIG one! People often do not realize how horribly they talk to themselves. A good exercise to try when you notice yourself talking negatively about yourself in your head (i.e. "You're such an idiot!" or "How could you do something so stupid?) is to ask yourself if you would say those things to your best friend, mother, or other loved one. More often than not, the answer is no. Remember, you deserve the same care, compassion, and consideration that you afford others. Be kind to yourself too. ❤

Thanks for sharing! Resteemed, Followed, and Upvoted :)

Thanks @trustyourpath for the support, I greatly appreciate it☺️.

Nice article @eddy.
Personally, I've past the stage in my life where I used to struggle with self low esteem. I tend to love my self more and belief in me.
Everyone shoud too

Yeah everyone should, and I'm glad that you've broken than chain, because self hate or doubt is the worst enemy to creativity. It gives one thousands of reasons why they can't do it.

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