STRESS - The proven road to success.

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So you have stress? And you want to get rid of it? That nasty little creature slowly eating you from within.
Hold on! Don't kill it! Those medications, yoga classes, visits to your psychologist, eating chocolate, smoking, alcohol, netflix...
Would you regularly take pain killers for a broken leg? Or will you ask your doctor to just give you those pills on a daily basis instead of a surgery? Funny right? Well it turns out (or it's obvious if you pay attention to it) stress has a core, a cause that is not located inside your body. Thus medicine or doctors can't do much about it, they can only make you less sensitive to stress. And eventually less sensitive to everything as a human. Yoga can teach you to be always positive about things happening in your life. But wait, let me tell you something! Mother nature made us so that we can react in a variety of ways to our life events. Why did't she make us to be always positive and smiling no matter what happens? Why aren't we always happy as an idiot overdosed from drugs? I think there is a reason for that. We are made with an amazing ability to solve problems. Sure we can solve problems, the thing is that we have to detect it, prioritize it and remember it till the problem is solved. Simple right? Not so fast! We got problems with priorities and that Stress is there to help us. How many times have you wasted your time on things that doesn't matter in your life putting the important things till tomorrow? Does it give you stress? No comments right? Now go ahead and kill your stress, kill it and forever forget the most important things left behind. I know it's easier to kill stress than to deal with the things that cause stress. You used to take the green pill but one day eventually you're gonna take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes (like in the Matrix movie).


Just remember the words of W. Churchill "If you're going through hell, keep going"
You gotta play the game to win, right? you can't win just by watching it. And it's your game, nobody's gonna play it for you, not even your doctor. So it's more like bruteforcing (a term frequently used to describe hacker attack types) your life till you succeed. And Robert Strauss just nailed it with his quote “Success is a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don't quit when you're tired. You quit when the gorilla is tired.”

So stress is a good friend of ours, a little bit annoying type of a personality but for sure the most honest one we know so far :)


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Clever words, are these your personal thoughts?


Thanks:) Yes, these are my thoughts and it's 5.24am now and I still can't sleep :)