The Children In The House (Part 2)

in #life7 years ago

The house has been noisy and messy. Thanks to the children that think throwing litters anywhere they like is "fun" and that doing so is a part of their "freedom".

They also found some curious things about their bodies. They discovered that in engaging in something delighful to their senses, would also results in having more children around! They liked that activity so much that they start to cover that "important" part to somehow protect them from unwanted attention (while at the same time they do want more attention). They totally forgot how they also enjoyed doing everyday things "naked" before.

They tried all sorts of combinations with those parts, somehow, more children are only "made" with one particular combination. Some even tried things that other children frown upon, it only confirmed what they thought of before. It only worked in one particular way.

Now, here's the situation. They want to "enjoy" the activity with anyone or anything they prefer at the moment. They are "free" anyway. They will be using "their own body" and so they think they have the right to decide on how they will use them.

So, many of them did so as they pleased. They call it being "fluid", "neutral" and "inclusive". They are even convincing the other children with different point of views that their view of the matter is the "best" there is. Anyone on the contrary are thus labelled as "afraid" of expression, somehow afraid of other children.

Happy-Childrens-Day-with-Cartoon-kids-_THE ITS.png

Everything seems colorful and fun now. They can hop from one partner to the other in the blink of an eye. Many of them even change their in-born parts to whatever parts they think would "fit" the most with the way they personally feel. They are encouraging parents too, to refrain from calling their children with a particular gender. (This is to avoid being confused with the confusion as to what confusion they are actually confused about).

Partners that cannot produce their own children adopt from partners that can. Of course they intend to raise those children with the same view of "freedom" as they have. Many of them envision a future where literally everyone is "gender fluid" as they are, maybe they are right.

Until one day, the owner of the house where they get all their material support for their sensual bodies and life, will come and settle things out. Too bad, because for the house owner there exist his own rules, and in his point of view, none of the children is free. For him everything and everyone in HIS HOUSE is HIS and each and everyone of them will have to answer for himself on how well they followed his "house rules".

"Freedom" and "house rules" does not work well together. The children warily looked out the window, but there is no other house they can live on quite like the house they got now. Do they really have to bear the "unjust rules" of the house owner? Maybe they can make a house themselves?

If only the children have understood how short the time they have "enjoyed" in the house, compared to the time they could have gotten, if only they preferred to follow the house-rules instead of pretending to be "free" only to be "kicked-out" of the house at the end. They couldn't help but feel, that they were scammed by those who convinced them before, that they were "FREE".


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