How Would You Feel If You Were In Their Situation?

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Carefully watch the following video and try honestly to feel the feeling if you were in their situation YOUR WHOLE LIFE and got the chance to change it.

My personal favorite was the Dad who felt the need to sit while trying to get a grip of his new experiences.

What does these all mean?

It means that God who designed and created us, showed us a concrete evidence of His will to make us enjoy LIFE.
Everyone of us can very well exist and survive our lives without this ability. In a level that is surely less enjoyable and many times inconvenient, if not outright dangerous.

Yet God provided us with it. A special gift which many of us just take for granted. The reactions of the people you saw above clearly demonstrated how overwhelming it is when you first get this gift while living your whole life just getting along without it.

Come to think of it, we can even live and survive, totally without the sense of sight! Undoubtedly very much LESS HAPPY.

Therefore, when you enjoy the beautiful views you see everyday, when you see the loving smiles of your family and loved ones. Remember then who lovingly decided to give you that gift. The gift of colorful sight is a gift from our most powerful creator that deserves our wholehearted devotion.

May you enjoy that gift for the longest time.


video credit: All rights belongs to the owner of the videos shown in the compilation


I can't even imagine how would it feel like.
Probably like billion dollars!

I agree, you can see on their faces how priceless it is to see colors of your life.

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