Greedy People Are Short Of Brain

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Many, if not all of human problems were caused by GREED.

It is therefore something that God Himself tries to save His obedient creations from.

Let's see the how's and why's.

Starting from a human act we call robbery. It is greed acted upon. What a person does not have and another got, the robber gets greedy and commits the crime. Now we may have the initial impression that we are talking about material things. Though it is true, robbery can also happen on other facets of life, someone can rob us of the truth, knowledge, power, love, attention, etc. You get the picture right?

Thus greed usually affects us negatively, destroying things instead of building up. Can you see it happening here on Steemit? In your personal life?

The first human greed that destroyed so many things was the act of disobedience by Eve. The simple command to them was not to "even touch" the forbidden fruit. A fallen angel, awaken greed in her by saying, she would be "like God, knowing good and evil". She acted on it, bringing death and suffering to the human race in doing so. It was a greed for knowledge and power.

Was she lacking in brain? We can say so. For what will knowledge and power be of any gain on her part when she was told they will die because of it? They did die. So the warning was true. Her greed wasted many potentials that they had. Pity.

We inherited that same capacity for greed. We all have that choice to act upon it when it rear its ugly head.

Politicians get power greedy, they wage war on places and people to get more control. Who cares how many will suffer because of it? As long as they have the power.

Businessmen gets greedy for more can take the form of suffering employees, or suffering product qualities. Who cares if people die because of their business? As long as they can earn more.

Even the poor gets greedy, they may choose to do petty crimes rather than look for a way to earn without doing so.

Every greed controlled person is unable to think clearly. We all lose out because of greed. Because of greed many will die.

How then will they benefit from all their greediness? It maybe slow or unseen. But justice will eventually be served COLD. For it is the undefeatable one who declared "You shall not covet!".

I hope you are wiser. Good Karma to you.

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