The Earth Nation Revolution

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The Earth Nation is a Planetary Alliance of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, Ecovillages, Cooperative Businesses, and Humanitarian Organizations that are revolutionizing Governance and Resource Distribution on Planet Earth.

Our vision is to reduce and transform tyranny, poverty, slavery, and violent warfare by making tools, support systems and networks for decentralization easily available to all people. For the purpose of fairly distributing wealth and decision making to give our children and all children that come after them a planetary culture that supports and empowers a healthy thriving humankind in ecological harmony with our Earth.

Our mission is to facilitate the development of decentralized and ethical alternatives to every government and corporate product and service by providing infinitely scalable, instantly replicable, fully interoperable and completely decentralized systems of business, politics, and economics.

Our systems combine land based communities, social media networks, business, currencies, decision-making, law, blockchain technology and the physical world together to seamlessly create a new form of culture and systemic governance that truly supports humankind.


Some examples are;

Our Humanitarian Currency Equality Keys acts as a medium to fund cooperative businesses and humanitarian organizations with a decentralized funding approval process that uses liquid dynamic governance technology.

Our Land and Business Development Agencies serve a global network of individuals, communities, businesses and humanitarian organizations.

Our Ecovillage Community Network serves the people that work in our cooperative businesses and humanitarian organizations by providing housing and spaces for business.

Our Ambassador Syndication Network advertises our way of life to millions with our conscious news created by our Media Agency.

Our Merchants Guild is designing beyond cooperative franchise-like business models for 14 industries complete with financing/banking/legal shells/contracts.

Our Education Branch creates free digital and physical academies.

Our Technology Branch is developing customizable liquid voting, trade directories, trust and reputation system, legal system integrations, artificial intelligence applications, brand ambassadors, social media systems, currency system, reserve exchange automation, communication integrations, cooperative business systems, api integration, automatic accounting, smart banking, and more.

For more information please view this presentation

Find out more and get involved at Our public beta begins next month.


if we think ..same thing together will be easier....

and we will get a great community...

thank' for sharing

I am going to look more into your ideas here. Resteeming and upvoted.

Great, but the law you are talking about, what law exactly is it?
The law of a specific country or EN's own one?


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