A Debt Jubilee is the Only Way to Avoid a Global Depression

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Reality is the sum of all human perceptions and the top 1% knows that human perceptions become human experiences: thoughts create reality. We often think that the more we know, the more there is to know. And that's correct on a cetrain level. But there is too another way to look at it: the more we know, the more we realize how little there is to know to take control back of your life.

For us, humans, more knowledge translates into predatory behaviors, it's another axiom. So thinking that an all-knowing elite has the solutions and is there to protect us is really naive.

That is why we must make all knowledge accessible to every human 24/7, and teach that axiom to every kid from an early age: that a system lacking transparency is extremely harmful. Integrity and cooperation are our only currencies to ensure our survival.

Profits cannot exist in a transparent society because competition vanished when Truth is shared evenly. Profits are only possible when many are unaware of the misinfo or disinfo. In this sense getting college degrees to know more than others is how this Orwellian predation is allowed to continue unchallenged.

A debt jubilee, degrowth and ending monetarism for good must remain our focus now.

A Debt Jubilee is the Only Way to Avoid a Depression (MARCH 2020)
Massive social distancing, with its accompanying job losses, stock dives and huge bailouts to corporations, raises the threat of a depression. But it doesn’t have to be this way. History offers us another alternative in such situations: a debt jubilee. This slate-cleaning, balance-restoring step recognizes the fundamental truth that when debts grow too large to be paid without reducing debtors to poverty, the way to hold society together and restore balance is simply to cancel the bad debts. https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/03/23/a-debt-jubilee-is-the-only-way-to-avoid-a-depression/

Global debt hits new record of $253 trillion and is set to grow even more this year (january 2020)