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I am following the journey of Mindvalley since Aug 28, 2014, 12:47 AM, when I went through a chakra test on Carol Tuttle's I was amazed by the high-quality services offered for free (as introductions to a subscription plan) and I am unspeakably thankful for those because was giving a lot to me and for whom I take responsibility.


When they launched the Mindvalley University City Campus in 2017 my intention was on revolutionizing education and they did it! On a way how I wasn't able. It was a great example to me, but because of the lack of resources and my victim consciousness I wasn't able to participate.

victim consciousness

There were many real-life-facts to point on as the reasons of giving up my dream about #decentralized #independent universities of revolutionary technologies like #blockchain, #AI and Sustainable Agrotech focused on local communities with global support.

> Something outside of yourself

I was really just
trying to make things happen. nothing more.

In the end, I almost had the
big blame story
but as a result, I made good connections, induced great communities and was able to be there as a mentor for amazing people.


Sometimes I catch myself struggling on aspects of my life like:

Having the right place to stay and create.

Definitely I need to evolve on this field… to.

Finally, I am not struggling with my financial state anymore (after many years of being in that state) but have a lot to do to grow from the "I am fine" to live a sustainable life and be wealthy and abundant in all of my aspects of life.

> The problems we have at one level of consciousness don't exist at a higher level of awareness.

When I am close to nature, surrounded by my kind of people being on my journey I experience "Blessed by Luck" feeling. I love to expand thins in all aspects of my life… and others.


My intention to be with people who are grateful, everywhere I go and this is my responsibility too. As I feel I have succeeded in this field recently and love to continue this journey with bless.

The Best Me I can be

I am asking you to help me to be able to do my best with participating in this intensive masterclass: True Manifesting from the Soul by Michael Beckwith Free Masterclass

True Manifesting from the Soul by Michael Beckwith Free Masterclass

The quest runs for 35 consecutive days starting from December 2, 2019. During this time, you’ll spend around 15-20 minutes daily to unlock powerful life visioning concepts from Michael Beckwith via video. And you’ll also receive supporting resources to augment your learning.

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