Mountain View Nature Park, Busay Cebu -- A Splash under the Sun🌞 ⛅

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Philippines considered as one of the tropical countries in the world, which means it only has two pronounced season: dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year. So for the dry season this is the time where families gather together and go on a trip and unwind, a special season to relax and spend the day with your love ones.

Mountain View Nature Park in Busay which is located in Cebu, Philippines, a place where it offers camping sites, refreshing breeze of its nature view and a good view to the province of Cebu. The place has children's park, swimming pool and countless of benches.


Our pumpkin wearing his Cleveland Cavaliers jersey get-up

The place is very refreshing far from the noise pollution of the city. Good thing I like in the place is it has a mini-zoo where kids has a chance to witness other wildlife that are endemic and one of which is the Philippine Hornbill or also known as "Kalaw" in our tongue.

Some facts about this creature:
Way back when I was in the same age of our pumpkin baby zach, my parents brought me to a zoo and it has various of wildlife, suddenly my mom brought me closer to Hornbill's Cage and the bird suddenly screech a very loud screech that scared the hell out of me and got a phobia of that bird during my childhood, After that incident I got a lot of bumps on my head LOL🤣 Filipinos called it as "hubag-hubagan" sad thing google can't translate it. It is an aftermath where a child experienced sudden and severe shock which tends to various of circular bumps on the head which is very bad to the baby. I had a lot of bumps during that time, but now I am no longer afraid of the bird and I can prove it on the next photo.


Here are some photos of this endemic Hornbill on its cage:

Fun Facts:
Did you know that these Hornbill are sometimes called as the "clock of the mountains" because these birds periodically calls or can be heard every noontime. So when you are in the wild and heard the sound of these birds then that means it is already noontime💯

Aside from these awesome endemic birds, we also have this close encounter of a little monkey inside the cage, I can't barely recognize its breed but I have a strong feeling that this might be a Philippine Macaque.


Monkeys believe to be the ancestors of man, these creatures are known to be wise and smart. And yes it is truly smart and also acts as humans too, they are social creatures they interact to their kind. I also witnessed their existence being abused and used to gain money.

As you can see from the photo he's somehow staring at me waiting to feed him. This lil fella can't be tricked and really used to humans.


Slithering guy sleeping on its cage, Good facts about these cold blooded creature. On the photo above is a constrictor which is a snake that has no venom which means they kill their prey by wrapping and gripping it using its very long body

After interacting with the wild..... It's time for a splash! 🌊


Good thing about this place is it is located in Mountain of Busay so meaning it brings a good and refreshing air far away from air and noise pollution of the city. The pool has a good view to the province of Cebu.


Selfie with the Queen City of the South 😎


No one teach him this trick, the duck face trick 🤣


Savoring the taste of the so called LIFE ....

Life father like son tandem 🤣


His face after seeing the wilds in the mini-zoo.

I only have few photos of the place because I spend the day cuddling with them. Thanks for reading dear steemians and happy steeming!

⛅⛅ Have a nice day everyone ⛅⛅



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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

in our tounge.
It should be tongue instead of tounge.


Wow! that was fast, anyways thanks @grammarnazi

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