Chasing the clouds away

in life •  2 years ago

I haven't seen clear skies for a week!

We are all stubborn people and we defy depressed weather. If we were like the weather, I think this would be time of massive suicides.

This is not post with a lot of words!

I spent too many of my words yesterday, when I posted my story about one little Steem who escaped from the wallet!

And it is funny thing how you can be upvoted by whales every day when you write shitty posts, but when you write something creative and intelligent - nothing! Like when my grandma watches some soap tele-novela with 10000000 episodes, which is fun for her, but she doesn't get any smarter!

But it doesn't matter! My story gave me 6 new followers and no reward can make me more happy! ::::)))))

Thank you, my followers, and enjoy your weekend!!!


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At least you see some blue, much worse here in Germany, sky is constantly grey. Maybe we had 2 hours of sunlight in November in total so far.

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