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I'm just going to lay this out there: I need more monthly subscribers.

I also need some donations. Very much!

I think I provide a perspective you can't get anywhere else. I know this is a rough time for everyone's finances, but I hope I provide insight and opinions you consider worth supporting, even if you don't always agree with me. If so, would you be willing to help?

I've mentioned that the household income has dropped recently. And, yesterday the refrigerator died.

I did everything I could to get it running again-- watching lots of YouTube videos and reading lots of appliance repair sites, and nothing I was able to do worked. I either need to get it professionally repaired or buy a replacement. And the appliance repair folks are shockingly unwilling to come work on anything at this time. Which meant they were more willing than usual to give advice and suggestions.

Usually, I would see if my parents could squeeze my refrigerated (and frozen) items into their refrigerators, but with the current pandemic, and with them trying to self-quarantine due to their ages, I am not comfortable asking them for space. So, in a matter of hours, even with coolers and ice, I'm going to lose a refrigerator/freezer full of food.

I know everyone has their own problems and that times are hard right now. I don't want the "regulars" to chip in-- you've already done enough; more than I have any right to expect. But if you're a reader and have thought about subscribing or donating and just haven't gotten around to it, please take this opportunity to get around to it. And, share this with anyone you think might be willing and able to help. Please!

And, thank you.

Thank you for helping support
I hope I add something you find valuable enough to support. If so... Donations and subscriptions are always appreciated!

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I wish I could help with some cash. Check out Craigslist, OfferUp and 5miles for ads for a cheap one. There's also freecycle, where people give out stuff for free. I'll resteem your post but I'd spread the word on hive, the week old fork of steem, as that's where most of the people are if you didn't know or notice.

I understand about being short of cash. I never want anyone to chip in if they have better uses for their own money-- like paying bills, eating, or kids.

I got a used fridge. I was able to borrow the money so I have a little extra time to pay it back. I'm not thrilled with this refrigerator, but it's mostly working, which is more than the other one was doing. If I'd had the money, and had been able to get anyone to come work on it, I would have much preferred to repair that one. Oh well.

Sorry, all i can do is give you a STEEM vote.

No problem. We liberty-lovers are always broke. Kissing the State's rear pays better than refusing to do so.

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