You can help nature too - be ECO in simple ways

in life •  last year  (edited)

Ecology without any hard work

We live on Earth together and when you do strange things your neighbors can feel bad
Make them happy and do it for yourself too!

Ways to help nature are very simple but somtimes you just don't see it

When you come back from work ussually you are thirsty , I somtimes buy plastic bottles but
its not eco , the simplest way here is a vacuum flask , you can bring it evrywhere you want.
You want coffe , hot chocolate? Now you can bring it with you everywhere you want. Other
way is make your home more beautiful, when you plant a flower you can give it someday to
someboady and you also take care about atmosphere in your home becouse this little flower
produce clean oxygen and its very healthy for you! Regards

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