Is crime rate high in your country?Why?

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With the continuous increase in the rate of unemployment there has been a steady increase in the crime rate in my country.  Not trying to put my country in bad light but the truth must be told. 

Nigeria  as at 2018 was listed as the sixteenth on the list of least safest countries to live in in 2018. Same year Nigeria overtook india in the poverty index.  This simply shows it's  a country that has been relegated from its glorified position as the giant of Africa  to a position that depicts crime,  corruption etc. 

The crime rate in my country did not just become high automatically, it all started with the leaders,  the politicians in power who have over the years Milked the buoyant country dry and have shared it's  resources between themselves.  This has led to several economic recessions faced by the country,  youths losing their jobs and becoming unemployed  because companies cannot afford  to have much staffs than they can cater for. And of course you'd agree with me that money is an essential need considering Abraham Maslows hierarchy of needs,  thus unemployed Youths resort to kidnapping,  Scamming And internet fraud also known as Yahoo Yahoo,  Theft, Militancy, assault,    and a lot of other negative vices while blaming their woes on the insensitivity of the government to their plights. 

I'm not saying Crime is the way forward  for the unemployed youths in my country but their actions is a ripple effect of the inactions and insensitivity of the government  to the needs and aspirations of its citizens.  It's  a simple issues of cause and effect. 

For this crime rate to reduce,  the government needs to make the Nation conducive and habitable for its  citizens and it starts with paying attention  to the needs and wants of her citizens. 

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