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RE: Life is Ruinous, but Beautiful

in #life2 years ago

Cool bark. That is bark, right? And I resonate with splashing through those puddles. I will still do it on a whim.

Oh, animals are so much easier than we humans. They just accept getting old and wiser and we fight it all the way to the grave. Perhaps we could learn something from them.



Yes, it is that stuff that falls away from a palm tree trunk - not sure what it is called. It must be that I need bigger puddles, but I just can't get the same level of enjoyment out of puddle splashing with my adult sized body. My daughter is so small, when she jumps in there is a very dramatic splash.

If only we humans could remember that we are still animals, maybe we would go with the flow more. Maybe :)

Hah!! Exactly! You are so right!