Pondering Life

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I find myself wondering
every now and then
about the things that might have been, if only
decisions went another way,
some people stayed, or ran away.

Sometimes it's like a dead weight dragging
towards the depths of introspection
old memories revive
and the dull nagging begins.

Should I have told her that fateful day
that my love was bigger than my fear?

The 'counter-factual' bean-counters call it
a name for what we'll never know.
One thing though, and this is true
my life path brought me here to you: my daughter.

My one great triumph in this life.
I wish you love and fun
and the strength and power to run
your own race; not mine and no-one else's.

'Til one day you may find yourself
pondering your life's work over lunch
and wondering what direction your life
may have taken
if only...

May all beings be happy.

Photo - courtesy of pixabay.com


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Hello sir @drwom, you are back. I love it because very miss to your words again. Btw, thanks for your support in every my post. May God blessing on you, always. My regard.


Thanks Khaimi 🙂