Day trip to the beach

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Ms 10 and I have decided that because he's been so good, it's time to take our dog Merlin to the beach. And like most dogs, the beach is his absolute favourite thing. All the dogs and birds and people and food and sand and water and waves! He absolutely loves it!

So today, we are going to head east south east and eventually run into the coast. Because he hasn't been since Christmas and the weather is (finally) starting to turn into Autumn here in sunny Australia.

Because you know what? It doesn't really seem like holidays until you've been to the beach.

May all beings be happy.

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I should probably do a beach trip. Though I'm still trying to psych myself up to take two boys and two dogs to the beach on my own XD

Love the beach, one of my favourite things as well as the dogs' XD

Yeah, that sounds like quiet the handful! Maybe take it slow - boys first, then dogs one day when the kids are at school 🙂

Only my daughter’s at school (her choice), my boys are still homeschooled, so it would be a school trip 🤣

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