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Are you balanced?

I'm asking because I recently had an experience which demonstrated just how out of balance my life is at the moment. And the experience? A gig. My band performed last weekend.

But not just that, because of how the event rolled, I was able to spend three days hanging out with my friends.

For perspective, this is not something that I've been able to do for at least fifteen years. At least. Because we all live in different cities.

I enjoyed it immensely. I haven't laughed so much in years.

And now I'm home, I am keenly feeling the loss of the love of having my friends around me. Having my music around me. Playing and creating music with my friends.

Because it just doesn't happen, given how my life is at the moment - as good as that life is in so many ways.

So I now realise, with deep conviction, that I am unbalanced.

"Hi, I'm DrWom, and my life is out of balance."

What to do?

What to do?

May all beings be happy.

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