How to solve the Rubik's Cube like a boss - Part 1

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The Rubik's Cube is one of lifes greatest mysteries.  

Simple in design, yet complex in nature, the Rubik's cube will lure you in, only to laugh in your face as you attempt to twist, turn, and permutate it's pieces into their correct orientation.  For most, the Rubik's cube presents an impossible challenge that will haunt their dreams, and mock them at every opportunity.

For 28 years of my life, I fell into this category.  

I just couldn't SOLVE it!

No matter how many times I tried, or how much time I had, the results were always the same.  I was defeated. Sure I might get most of one side, or think for a moment I was starting to figure things out, but it was always short lived.  Until one day, when I decided this had to change.  

I was sick of getting my ass kicked by an inanimate object.

Figuratively speaking of course, but still, I was over it.  So I went to work.  I researched, studied, learned, and practiced for hours on top of hours until my dreams had finally come true.  I could solve the Rubik's cube. Every single time. 

Solving the Rubik's Cube

Before we get started, let's get a few basic things out of the way.

There are 6 center pieces, one for each color on the Rubik's cube.  These pieces never move, no matter what you do.

There are 12 edge pieces, which consist of two colors.  For example, the white/red piece.

There are 8 corner pieces, which consist of three colors.  For example, the white/red/green piece.


Notation is a simple way of describing a sequence of moves.  Although it's possible to solve one of lifes greatest mysteries intuitively, that's beyond the scope of this post.  In this method there will be a few algorithms used to make this as easy a process as possible.  In later posts I can go into more advanced strategies and methods used in speed cubing if there is enough interest.

Each side of the cube is represented by a capital letter, along with an explanation of what each letter represents.  

  • F - Front
  • B - Back 
  • U - Up
  • D - Down
  • L - Left
  • R - Right

One last thing.  A letter by itself means a clockwise rotation of the face, and a letter followed by an apostrophe (') means a counterclockwise rotation.  So F' R L would mean we rotate the front side counter clockwise, the right side clockwise (away from you), and the left side clockwise (toward you).  

Now let's go to work.

Step 1: Solve the white cross

You don't have to start with the white side, but it's the most common, and what we will use for now.  This step is pretty intuitive and the easiest to learn, but difficult to explain in writing.  So I decided to make it easier to understand with a short 60 second video.

Step 2: Solve the white corners

The next step is solving the corner pieces, and we will do that by remembering two simple algorithms:

R' D' R D


F D F'

I made a video for this step as well, which makes it much easier to understand then trying to type it out.  The first sequence I use in the video is R' D' R D, which can actually be used to solve every corner piece.  Technically that's all you need to remember if you want a simple way to do it.  When white is facing right, performing this sequence once will bring the corner piece from the bottom right corner to the top right corner, where we want it.  When white is facing down you will need to perform the sequence three times to move it up from the bottom right corner to the top right corner, and when white is facing you, this sequence needs to be performed five times.  Yes five times, a.k.a. way too many.  Because of this we use a more efficient method to solve a corner piece when white is facing you, and that's F D F'.  In other words, 3 rotations instead of 20. 

The video below will demonstrate what all that means.

The white side has now been solved.  We're one step closer to taking down one of the great wonders of the world.

Part 2 will be up soon!  Please comment below with any questions, etc., and we'll knock this off your bucket list in no time.  Good luck.

*Top image and videos are mine, and this bottom image is from pixabay and copyright free*


For some reason my videos didn't auto embed... any ideas?

Maybe you have to wait some minutes or you copy it wrong?

Nevermind, uploaded to youtube and all is good.

Let me know when you fix the video I want to see it! Nice post anyway.

Thanks, finally got it working.

Ahhhh the rubic's cube... The item I buy in hopes of solving.. But it always finds the hidden box in the closet.. Maby I'll break one out and try again lol .. Or just take the stickers off and replace them in there compleated fashion and then shellac the shot out of it..

Makes me wonder if theres a youtube compilation out there of all the ways people have smashed a rubik's cube out of frustration...

I used to end up taking the thing apart and putting them back it the right place :-)

You know I thought about making a more sarcastic post with a video of that method lol, definitely my method of choice for a very, very long time.

Ha, I actually thought that's what it was going to be.. Maybe that was my sarcastic mind at work too.

Great minds think alike. But this is still a great idea for a future post... I might just light one on fire.

Totally badass! I want part 2.
Your fingers move super fast, looks more like a magic trick to me

Hoping to have part 2 up tomorrow! And actually when I watch it back it does look crazy fast, you can tell I've done these a few times haha.

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