When Should I Stop Asking For Raises?

in #life6 years ago

Alright Steemit Peeps,

We're all in different industries here - I'm a 27 year old full time musician and what I really need is your perspective on is this:

When should I just be grateful for the work I have and stop trying to make more money? I'm in a position where I've never been before - I have stable gigs 5 times a week.

So should I just focus on keeping my material really tight for those gigs? Should I always be striving towards a bigger thing? Definitely keep in my that I've never been happier, so maybe this is truly all I need. Should happiness be the qualifier?

Who out there has found a career path in which they are content? What made it clear to you? :D

Thank you for your insights!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Musician,



GreaT QuesT-i-ON !!!!!! - ))
TRY this ...

ARE YOU HAPPY ??? - )))

... how does that FEEL !!! - )))
... right !! - ))
.. ha ha - ))))))))))))))))))

greb'Z )

""FEELING"" is the QualifieR 100 % of the T_i'mE !!! - )))

... PumpeD & reSTEEMed - )))

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