Before and After Torrential Rains!

in #lifelast year (edited)

It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day,

and naturally I made my way here while soaking up

the hourly GrubHub wage...

apparently others had the same idea

and weren't cooped up in their houses

ordering food.

I never would have guessed torrential rains would strike later that evening...

... but man did they ever!

It was still a glorious walk,

though I couldn't get in close,

at least not without getting drenched.

Mother nature is an awe inspiring deity.

Hope all my Steemit friends are doing well!

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Thats a lovely spot. Always getting into nature in the downtime. I love it!

Trying to get in as much as I can before the snow flies!

Quite damned right. I really hope we get done slow this year but these days the chances seem so slim!

I’m guessing you were in your car or at least under something when the rains hit? 😆

Heavy rain is pretty impressive but definitely something I prefer to enjoy from indoors 😜

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I was delivering in it for a bit... until I thought my car might get washed away, then I skidaddled on home 😆

Wow enjoying it to the fullest amazing pics from there

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