I was BLAMED and Flagged by the WHALES

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Dear Steamians,

On the 23rd day of the 7th month of the year, a day in which will live in infamy. Dreamants was unwarrantly attacked and savaged by the empire and coalition of whales. My post “The US Marines at Chosin Reservoir”, was target at night, while the citizens of Dreamants and most of the world slept. Accusatory statements and post flagging bombarded our vessels.

I am sad to inform you that there were heavy casualties, and many Ant lives have been lost. The surprise attack has shattered the Dreams of the many , and goes to show that this world (Steemit) is still plagued with faults. However, citizens of Dreamants and all those who visit. Dreamants was at peace with those whales, and at the solicitation of the Whales was not in conversation looking toward the facilitation of cooperation.

As Commander and Author of Dreamants and Stockants, I have initiated and instigated that all measures be taken for the defense of our fair use to use our intellectual property! But always for us Dreamers to remember the character bestowed on us by the whales of Steemit. No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated incursion, the people of Dreamants militia in their unforgiving might will win in its march to absolute victory.

I believe that I interpret the will of all Steemians when I assure to you that we will not only defend ourselves to the foremost but will make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never again endanger us. With confidence in our abilities and Ant armies, with the unbounding commitment of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph -- so help us Steemit God


All Dreamers, and Luis Lizama.

P.S Cause apparently I need to put my name on everything now.

Okay so on a serious note all jokes aside! Have you people never heard of due process or innocent until proven guilty? Do you know why the founding fathers of the USA implemented that? So innocent people wouldn't be thrown to the lions or hung by their necks while they were actually innocent! And guess what happened here?


So they are saying that I am plagiarizing? My own work? Did they have any proof before they stripped me of 500$? NOOOO not at all. They just accused me without a warning, trial, or due process. It's just like a cop accusing a pedestrian for killing another man in another country then shooting him dead because he THINKS he is right and is correct to just ASSUME!
Well here is my proof that I am the author of the account that they accused me of stealing from...

Oh, and yes I am Luis Lizama before anyone wants to accuse me of impersonating..


Dreamants and Steemians please lobby and message these individuals to retract their statements, to remove me off of any blacklist, and to send me an apology for the blasphemy that occurred on the fateful deprived night last night! You guys are nothing but bullies.

However, there are dreamers out there who continue to inspire me! No matter the situation we will prevail and we will all become whales!


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  ·  last year (edited)

You didn't get flagged by whales, you got flagged for ~400$ by Steemit Inc delegation to SteemCleaner.


I followed up on the report to @steemcleaners. I've removed the downvotes and added you and your Medium account to our database of verified content creators.

Hey @dreamants,

first of: While I do understand your frustration and why you'd want to make this whole thing public - there is no need to push it so high.

2nd: I'm sorry that you were treated unfairly. I personally believe in innocent until proven otherwise as I've stated often enough - that's why I asked you for your identity confirmation, before your vote would be removed.

Now, I still blacklisted you from Smartsteem just in case, which will be revoked when the whole situation has cleared up.

The reason why people reacted to harsh against you, is because there were a lot of cases where people blatantly stole other peoples content and pushed it with hundreds of dollars.

While this might rationalize it - I still believe that the fast flags & vote-removals weren't fair.

I'll notify steemcleaners for you.

It's still a shitty post.


Reason you are one of the top fellow steemers I like.

Votes can be easily reversed so I don't see that as a problem. The real problem was the potential damage to the reputation of Steem of having a post that was giving off a very pungent whiff of plagiarism sit on top of the trending page. Action needed to be taken immediately. The onus is on the content creator to provide assurance that their content is original. If it is not original content adequate referencing needs to be provided. Neither was done is this case. It is also the responsibility of the content creator to monitor comments.

Who is this guy and who gave him this authority for whitelisting and blacklisting. First they make bots to earn money, which they rob people on and then they strip them off due to bad content? Robbers with ethics? Lovely

What a fucking shame! Of course they assume things and act like Nazis of the blockchain.

They are the same people ripping off your money with their bidbots too!

You are too gentle in your article towards them. This is a free network, feel free to let your hate flow and put the real words that you mean

  ·  last year (edited)

The more important question is why you feel the need to pump your posts to trending via paid votes. It's a strange approach and you'll no doubt get flagged for doing it.

I just took a look at the post that you're talking about. It's not at all worthy of being on the trending page. We have a few people pumping posts to trending right now that really don't belong there. It's odd behaviour and is obviously intended as a method to generate extra revenue, boost your account's reputation and gain a bunch of followers.

The problem here being that you're only going to gain low value followers and you'll piss of the people who know how the trending page should look.

If you really must continue pumping your sub-par posts to trending, do you think you can at least learn how to create a nicely formatted post?

You are guilty until proven innocent.

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Take your customer service issue up with the bot owners privately. Flagged.

and this blue design looking whale cartoon. Thinks he owns the platform. I l take your oil out and sell it for lighting candles

lol, okay. :)


I'm just using my stake. I own my stake, not the platform. That's the beauty of the site. I don't mind you mocking my cartoon.

I am a minion, what do you expect? beauty of the platform ;)


Do not take it personal, this has been done many times but you should of at least noted that you are the owner of the work at the end of your stories.

Luis, it was me that signed off on downvoting your post. I apologize for the hasty vote. It was my error. It seemed like a clear-cut plagiarism case because the post's wording had enough difference from the originally posted blog. In every other case I've seen on Steem this means that the poster on Steem is trying to avoid plagiarism detection (like from the @cheetah bot) to avoid being caught as a plagiarist. This time I've learned that that may not always be true.

Again I offer my apology. I never want to discourage legitimate people from enjoying Steem but this time my hasty action and faulty assumption caused you harm.

I wish I had money to use the trending page, .........
I'd spend that money on something else

Thats the thing with bots. They are automated and cant reason. Sorry bro.

Oh that's my comment :-)

Things getting hot on here. But still, there's more of the positive ones, at least.

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good opinion

Bad comment.

Decent response.

Acceptable observation.

Useless agreement reinforcement. (on my part)

I'm hungry.

I'll be following to see the outcome of this. Those articles were obviously copy/pasted which was why the formatting was less than good. BUT the question is whether cross-posting your own work counts as plagiarism here. I've actually been wondering about this for a while.

I have many other projects that I want to re-publish here, but I'm afraid of being flagged. I guess you get to figure that out for me!

You just need to let people know.

You don't even have to proactively go into @steemcleaners, @steemflagrewards, etc. A simple header/footer letting people know that's where you are getting stuff from and that you are the original author would do.

Anyone who flags you for plagiarism after that is an idiot who doesn't read.

@enforcer48 you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

If it is your own work then it isn't. That's the key thing.

Well that was quick. Thanks!

Yep it's not plagiarism... who did you plagarize... yourself?
He owned the Text (not image) he gets to post that text anywhere he wants.

Well in all reality you still shouldn't post the same exact work on two websites anyone knows that.

Why not? You can't plagiarize your self or can you?

Think of it like a freelance photographer selling the same photograph to every newspaper in town. There is an issue of getting paid multiple times for the same work. If the sources of alternative publication are disclosed, I don't see this as such a problem.

  ·  last year (edited)

I am not talking about this particular case, but about plagiarism in general.

In college, I remember the very same debate when we were told about plagiarism, and yes, copy/pasting your own work without giving proper credit, at least in the academic world, is considered plagiarism. This is due to the fact that how do we, the reader, know that it's your own work? All we see is two articles that are identical, or at least look very much alike, that are posted by two different people in two different places. The only person that knows for sure that it's the same person is the author. This is compounded by the fact that x amount of users who are on many different platforms often don't use the same name/icons, consequently, the article in one place seems to be stolen from someone else in another place. Hence the importance of telling people about your source material and making your identity in both places very clear and obvious.

The program I studied in used this website to help us when trying to cite works for our essays, it gives explanations as to how to cite, based on MLA standards. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying that academia is right on everything and that MLA citation is the only way to go, but we should all apply at least a base amount of citation when writing an article, essay, book or other.

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Labs): MLA formatting.

  ·  last year (edited)

@bitcoinflood 100% wrong. There is a plugin which is quite popular for STEEM users who have Wordpress blogs and want to post content between the two: https://steemit.com/steemdev/@recrypto/wordpress-steem-1-0-1 (there is nothing wrong against posting content in multiple places).

The only downside to publishing on multiple platforms are the SEO ramifications that can come from it, notably Google takes a less favourable view of the same content in multiple places and will derank certain instances accordingly.

Syndication (sharing your own content via multiple platforms) is perfectly fine. That wasn't the issue.

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You could stop hiring bullies to take your rewards from the community.
If we like your content we would vote on it but too many of us are getting paid to vote for other bullies that take their rewards, too.

This is sad for you and I feel bad for you.

But your personal problems should not be on Trending.

You are not the center of earth... sorry bud

hey, you are still one whom I like amongst all steemtians .keep it up.

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I get downvoted and flagged all the time for posting my blog because they say it's the same as my old blog it's annoying like you day it is still are own content right? No? Can we not use are content on different platforms?

You have been awarded Shittest Post of the day.
Good job and keep up the good work!

Haha i love the irony of using what appears to be a unpaid for stock image. But yes the post wasn't awesome.

You should take this issue to steemspeak and hash it out ....

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Plagiarism on Steem is a huge issue and while it was unfortunate you were caught up in the middle of the accusations, I can sympathise with those who assumed guilty until proven innocent because I see plagiarism happen here so constantly, it's become an epidemic.

This is why it is important to put a little note at the end of your posts with something along the lines of (feel free to use this if you like):

I originally authored this article over here and I am republishing it as the sole content owner, here on Steem.

There isn't anything wrong with posting content in multiple places, but the bot owners have had to take a more aggressive stance because it's difficult and time intensive to chase up every potential offender, to the point where more than 7 days could have passed. It's easier for bot owners to ask for potential infringers to make their case.

In your situation, I agree that some of the fast-flaggers and vote removers acted way too hastily. You should be given a chance to prove your innocence before any kind of action is taken. I hope this all gets cleared up for you eventually.

While the traducers actually have a point is that, copying and pasting articles (regardless of the fact that they are yours) makes you appear lazy, if you aren't actually. However, lazy or not, you reserve every right to do whatever it is that you like, as long as your action is within the scope of normalcy. This debacle seems more than what meets the eyes. Every active participant in this game has an ax to grind, seemingly.

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  ·  last year (edited)

The whales on the Steem platform have to show some good mind set against new comers otherwise the hole idea of Steem can go down @dreamants

Anything wrong should be wrong. Yes, it can be discussed or debated. But these can not be the most wrong, right.

Hey Jarhead. You've made some mistakes here, and the worst one of all, is bitching about it the way you are, and boosting your rant to trending. No one is going to respect that shit.

My advice to you, is to consider whether or not your posts are even really worth trending. My guess is, if they were, you wouldn't be met with such bad reception.

Disengage, reconfigure your plan of action, and act accordingly. That being said.

Semper Fidelis

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