DONT BAN GUNS! Banning guns is bad for us! It is DEADLY.

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Let me be very clear. Banning guns will be as effective as banning murder. Oh wait, that’s already banned, yet it still happens. Just like every other thing that has been banned in the history of ever!

Okay let's see. Drugs are banned, so legally nobody should have them right? Yet thousands of people go to jail because of them, or worse, die due to overdose.

The entire gun “debate” is purely emotional. People strongly believe that removing guns will make everyone safer. It’s a very logical thing to think if you are scared of them, but ya see the problem is that it WON’T make anyone safer. Guns are not dangerous. Bad people are dangerous. Bad people can get guns and be more dangerous. Bad guy uses gun to hurt good innocent guy. What if bad guy no longer has gun, he no longer can hurt? Maybe? No. Howcome? Because it doesn’t work that way in the real world. Criminals don't give a cows arse about the law.

I mean they are criminals right?

So tell me, how is adding more laws going to solve the problem of criminals not following the law and obtaining a gun? If murder is illegal, and they already committed to murdering, how does more laws in place going to stop them? Especially when they operate and do things outside of the law?


There are over 400 million guns in the united states , at least 400 million legally bought weapons. The ATF (which should be a store, not a government agency) tracks the amount of guns sold legally each year. But, the information is easily accessible on how to make your own gun from aluminum (either billet or 80% lowers, and lets be real, you should make your own guns) so the real number of guns in the united states could be significantly higher than the ATF reports. And when there is an unknown number of ghost guns in circulation and production, nobody knows who has them, where they are, or the intentions behind the guns.

It isn’t a secret over 97% of all mass shootings occur in a gun free zone. Something that can’t possibly be true. Guns aren’t allowed in gun free zones, so it’s impossible for people to die from a gun in a gun free zone. And speaking of death by gun, ⅔ of all gun deaths are suicide (which primarily are men), and over 80% of the remaining ⅓ of gun death is by gang violence (something that could be eased and potentially eliminated). So, of the 32,000 gun deaths a year, the realistic rate of gun homicide is 2200 per year. And america has the lowest amount of gun violence today compared to back in the 70’s.

The average response time for the police is 13 minutes. That is a very long time especially if you are hurt or dying. That is about one full game of Call of Duty, half a standard length television show, and one quarter of a basketball game. Thirteen minutes is an incredibly long time, especially when your life is at risk. No criminal is going to let you call the police, and politefully wait for the police to arrive. Guns are a tool that someone could use in that moment! But you can't if they are BANNED! Simple as that. And they are especially good defense tools. Guns are often used to defend homes of would be intruders, and would be burglars.


Have you ever heard of the democratic slide? Well it is something that the founding fathers feared and it is very important as it can one day affect this country and your children. So for that they gave us a very powerful weapon, the 2nd amendment. What is the democratic slide? Well when a society is given freedoms, people are going to naturally abuse them. And then people in turn are going to ask the government to place laws and restrictions. Over time we lose our freedoms and rights in the name of safety. Democracy slowly turns into an autocracy, or even an authoritarian government. Don't believe me? Look at Hungary, all of Europe, Venezuela? The USA? I mean everyday we lose our freedoms to those who want the false feeling of security, and those in power who wait for every moment to seize more.

The founding fathers wanted citizens to have guns in case we ever had to fight against a tyrannical government. Some might say that the american government would never become tyrannical because of checks and balances, and that, “the citizens are the government”. The government constantly impedes on its citizens rights. In Murdock vs Pennsylvania, the supreme court ruled that “The state cannot and does not have the power to license, nor tax, a Right guaranteed to the people,” and “No state shall convert a liberty into a license, and charge a fee therefore.” The United States government constantly violates such a ruling, requiring taxes on our right to work for a wage, or to feed our families with the use of a fishing and hunting permit.

We are talking about people in a body, unit that acts without morals. So we must consider betrayal of our own state as a outcome. It might never happen but the unfortunate truth of the matter is that it might be a possibility because the government has supports and has supported tyrannical regimes. Throughout the 20th century, the government repeatedly funded and trained tyrannical regimes. Iran in 1953, the nation that was toppled by the united states, and replaced the democratically elected president, with a dictator. One who was very friendly to the United States, and maintained control of the country with the help of the CIA and Iran’s secret police force.

Such tyranny is what the founding fathers feared. And the first step to lead to such tyranny is to institute strict gun control/bans. The early to mid 20th century is full of examples of tyrannical governments that started with gun control, but eventually led to genocide as those groups were not able to defend themselves. In 1938, Nazi Germany established gun control. And in the following years, 13 million jews died in concentration camps. From 1929-1953, over 20 million political dissidents and enemies were exterminated in Soviet Russia. Over 56 million people were killed in the 20th century due to highly restrictive gun control measures.

Banning guns will create a dangerous shift in power. Power to the most dangerous groups of people. Criminals, and the government. Both will kill you if you get in the way of their goals, especially, when they have no resistance. Remember, the second amendment was not created to shoot deer, or hunt bird. But to fight the government if need be. When the second amendment was made, people had cannons in their house, the militia was actually a thing, and one of the founding fathers even said: “I hold it that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing”

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Good post. Anyone that is for gun control is obviously not able to think very well (if at all) and/or is proud of being a slave to their masters.

I am from the UK where guns are banned. And to be honest I always thought the idea that gun ban would solve gun crime is nonsense.

Criminals would get guns from he black market regardless, leaving normal civilians with no protection for it. People here often use USA gun crime rates as an example of what lifting the gun ban in the UK can do. What these people not realise that USA is a different country, Switzerland has a high gun ownership relative to the UK.

UK murder rate is high compared to many US cities, and I believe this might be why.

You are right the goverment want to overtake the power from the public. It will create a very dangerous condition both socially and morally.

13 million Jews? Wow that’s insane! But honestly, I’m a veteran I love guns, but I have to ask myself are us citizens worthy of the rights given them by the constitution? Maybe it’s time that those rights are earned. I mean you can’t drive a car without a license. Maybe that’s a bad example. But truth be told guns no guns, these idiots are gonna keep killing, raping, and stealing as long as the man continues degrading culture, identity, and ancestry. Which goes back to your point of control. That’s how they are doing it. Not by taking away guns.

Your argument is true. But because of easy access to guns, we could hear many gun stories. But in countries where guns are not legal to have , we rarely hear about gun stories. So in the end there is some benefit.

It feels like we wouldnt be where we are now if we didnt have the guns in citizen possession. Guns are keeping governments at bay. Whats even scarier is the systematically tested disarmament during Katrina and it relatively worked. Some people fought but most just gave them right up. Then they started kicking doors down with MP instead of rescue squads. Not right at all.

A great read! I'm scared of guns, but I'd be more than willing to learn to use it properly and defend myself and my loved ones. If everyone carried a gun, we would probably think twice about shooting other people.

I am of the same opinion! Great points. I agree it would be more powerful if you had audio or video

it is really good

Remember the guy that rented a truck and mowed down people?????? Then i guess we need to ban trucks...........

Guns mean power like money mean power too but almost all people armed use them to hurt other people and animals. I hope the time when nobody have to use a weapon agains others. Yeah, I am a god believer and people need love not weapons.
My comment does not mean an attack or critic to your article. You are very brave to writte about this topic and I really like your post. You have said many realities but you forgot one and it is the most powerful reason, as in the movie Lord of War the weapons, their control and commercialization in a legal or illegal way make a lucrative business and people do anything for money.

People kill not guns. People can kill with anything from a rock to a baseball bat. Should we ban rocks and bats also? If a people are not armed they can easily be taken over by evil entity and quickly lose their freedom. The gun control people really want to control you not just guns. They want you to become a citizen of Slavelandia. Wake up America before it is too late. The fear that President Obama generated did more for the proliferation of guns than anything seen prior. If you really want to stop violence encourage people to turn to God and to pray every day.

100/100 % AGREED


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@dreamants but illigal use of weapons is dangerous for society.