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Good afternoon! I wanted to share something I have been doing for a few months now, and I feel like it isn't very well known! I have never taken a language class, but I have always wanted to, and found out about this FREE APP. Yes, that's right folks. I decided to learn German, but you can choose SO many of the different languages and even the made up ones! Need to know Spanish before you go to Spain? Or maybe you want to learn Dutch? Or perhaps Swahili? YEAH they got em!

Kayla is annoying 025.png

This system breaks it down into lessons, and the bars represent how well you do in each lesson

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Once you do all the lessons in the module, it will ask you to do a quiz, as you can see, I was asked to translate this sentence. It also vocally tells you the sentence, so you can not only visualize it, but hear the way it is spoken.
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AWESOME, I got it right! Notice the little flag? If you click that, it will tell you either WHY you got it wrong or why you got it right.

It even corrects grammar! Kayla is annoying 033.pngKayla is annoying 034.png

Go download it! (also available on their website) Maybe next time, I will write in German :3

-Dread :D


I used to use this to learn english. Its a great applications.

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