Trying to stick to "Happy, Helpful, Confident." doing okay.

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G'day Fellow Steemkings,

So I JUST heard from my new Evocca (for profit school, that has changed names five times since I joined them as Evocca) tutor, the one I needed 6 weeks ago so that I could finish my game dev diploma before beginning my TAFE Programming course, only took 50 odd emails to get a response from someone.

Might still get this thing finished, first few weeks at TAFE are slow anyway so I'll get work done there, smash out these presentations which should be no worries, the anti social hermit died when his relationship did, "Happy, Helpful, Confident." Is my current mantra and that guy can do a few speeches.

That guy took over today's practice debate, lost due to a change of terms part way through, but still not shying away from an argument as I would have last year, probably stepped on a few peoples toes but that's life.

Seems like things are on track, Which is not a normal state for me, usually I would be anxious about that, but, for the first time in a long time I have only normal levels of anxiety and absolutely nothing has set off my depression or paranoia, things that normally would have set me off were not even given a second thought.

For those interested, the debate was "Do you need a qualification to get a good IT job?" I was on the negative, seemed obvious, there are people with good jobs and no course certificates, therefor it can not be a requirement/need, half way through the debate the teacher changed the meaning of "qualifications" to include experience and demonstrable skills, not just formal education, and using experience/skills instead of a formal education was the meat of our groups argument.


Thank you for the platform.


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