Someone out there hates me today.

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G'day Steemdeities,

This morning everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong, It is Kelly's birthday tomorrow and the money she thought she would be getting she is not getting until Monday, not really my problem but it was the first thing to go wrong.

It is my pay day today, I have a grocery delivery due and I am looking forward to it.

I also need some cash, so I went down to the ATM and got some out, this is where things started going wrong for me

The ATM ate my card, just kept it and said there was a problem and it couldn't return my card, at the very least it gave me my cash.

This is fine I thought, I have the cash I need and my groceries are being paid digitally by credit card, so I don't need the card right?

Nope, seconds after losing my card I get a text message from the shop doing my delivery saying they couldn't charge my card and to pay using EFTPOS on delivery... which I cannot do without a card.

So now, since the bank doesn't open until the same time as my delivery, I will either need to rush to the bank, get a replacement card and hope to make it back before the delivery (a 40 minute trip minimum, might just make it) or send the delivery away and shop later.

I don't think my whole social anxiety and general ineptitude at being human will let me send the delivery away, so I guess I am off for a trek to the bank, which is going to be almost as bad, sometimes I luck out and the person that serves me is robotic at the bank though, I like those people.

So, fun all round.

Thank you for the platform.




This is the best post on Steemit. I gave you a vote now, ya heard?

We are here for you steemit buddy, just shake off the back luck, shake it off... @drakahn!

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