Rediscovering my love for (#1): Music.

in #life6 years ago

G'day Creatures from the Steeming lagoon,

For a long time I have just not liked or been interested in music, or many things at all, and so I am going to start rediscovering old loves I had, today it is the mentioned music.

I remember the love for Black Sabbath and David Bowie and Queen and so much music I used to listen to, and putting them on now I am back to getting in to them, can't sing at loud as I would want, because my ex, who from now on will be called the pseudonym Kelly, because my ex sounds so negative, so Kelly has a friend over and I don't want an audience.

I have the music at the volume I like though, and I'm enjoying it, so this was a nice easy first one.

I am not sure where to go with #2, any ideas? There are so many aspects of life I have been neglecting for years.

Thank you for the platform and any comments I get.




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