I just need someone to tell me I am right.

in #life6 years ago

G'day Steempeeps,

I just need someone to tell me I am right, or at least less wrong. If I am wrong please explain it because I can't figure it out.

My housemate fell behind on her rent for her own reasons, I told her if she didn't have anyone over this weekend and she helped me get the place clean that I would lend her the money to cover what she is behind.

She told me right up until Saturday that we would be cleaning, and then she had someone over anyway, she told me she would send them home Sunday morning and we would get it done then, and they are still here with no signs of going any time soon.

So I went and spent the money I would have lent her to cover rent, which apparently makes me the bad guy and now I am getting called all the names under the sun.

If I can't even get a couple of days where no one comes here so we can clean up this pig sty, do I owe her money that she fucked up?

Thank you for the platform.



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