I had a conversation on the train today, another small step.

in #life6 years ago

G'day Steemrollers,

I had a conversation on the train today, another small step.

I was wearing a Yoda shirt sitting on the train, he pointed it out as soon as he got on and talked about Yoda for about a minute, which is already 50 seconds longer than I would have stayed for before running away, so, progress.

Then he asked some generic question about where I was heading... and I answered, I mean shit, who am I right?

From there he mentioned that he was doing his HSC and put himself down for being 25 and late,etc, so I told him I was 24 when I got mine (I think I was younger, but meh) which both perked him up and started me prattling on about memories of getting my HSC... to a complete stranger on the train, a few months ago I didn't like talking to people I knew on the train, and would only say whichever one or two words will end the conversation to strangers.

I'm really starting to feel like the old me again, but in a good, more disciplined way. I think hiding from the world for a while gave me time to work on myself without intending to, so that's something.

But then, I tend to justify things with bullshit like that sometimes, so who knows? I am keeping myself motivated so either way is all good with me.


Thank you for the platform.


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