Meet Our Future Masters - Caution: They Might Be A Little Scary

in life •  11 months ago

Boston Dynamics is a company building robots and every few months they release some footage about the feasts their creations can undergo. I'm sure many of you remember the one doing flip flaps, that one was hilarious.

Well, these two little guys are not very hilarious, at least for me.

Try to decompose the moves the robotic arms does and you'll see how tremendously advanced this whole thing is.


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i like this one


Awww poor robby. I'll go and found PETR (People for the Ethical Treatment of Robots)


If PETR will be just as bad and violent as PETA ... those robots will be better off as is :p

Machine life is being developed at such an extreme pace that humanoid robots, powered by Artificial Intelligence, will be a part of everyday life, may even replace humanity within a few years... Really scary!


We seem to do a great job at replacing or at least diminishing our humanity ourselves. We don't really need robots for that!




Haha!! this one is so good!!.... well, I'm pretty sure we won't stop making Robots until its too late and they can make new copies of themselves. Then yeah, that does sound like humans.

Looks like I'm in the minority as far as comments go. No, I'm not so keen on a Skynet scenario, but machines that can do stuff for you? That's what a lot of human advancement has been about.

Besides, didn't we learn from Avengers: Age of Ultron that for every AI that determines we are the problem and need to die, there will be another superior AI that will save us and then hand us over to a UN oversight committee instead? :)

Gave me an uncanny feeling the way they were moving... Made me remember so many rogue machine movies and action scenes...

Wow they have come along in the few years since they released that video when they finally got the robot to stabilize itself and not fall down to the floor, the one where they kicked and kicked the robot and it never fell.

I need to do more digging to check if the robot is programmed to open that door specifically or if they are using deep learning algorithms and the robot now knows how to open all doors if he recognizes a handle he can pull.


Aha! This is what I was wondering. But if they manage to get it to recognize the handle of one door, it's only a matter of time until they get better recognition. Google has been developing some pretty advanced OCR as of recently.

cainele inteligent

They'd be far more scary if they were designed with humanoid forms, don't you think?

Noooooo waaayy!! I had seem some robots with balance control and all but this is way on the next level. Whewww! These technological advancements make me a little anxious. What's coming next? good robot.....i like this video.......@dragosroua

during the 90's the world was predicting more advancement in the robotic field, I think that the expectations were very optilistic :)

i am watching this video.great technology and good machine

Did you see how it hold the door open with one of the legs before it pushed it open with its arm? Scary moves!

If you really want to be scared what these guys can do, you should watch the season 4 Black Mirror episode called Metalhead.

They very strongly resemble the robo dogs hunting humanity in that episode.

I like your post my friends

this video scared me because it seemed like every move of this roboter was executed so perfectly, humans will have no chance against them if they get weapons :(

thanks for scaring!

This is facinating, but also very SCARY!!! ( not even a little as your title suggests)
I like the first part of your title: Meet Our Future Masters..
This is
1-funny, but also 2- very true
I am affraid.
We ( the humans ) are creating a new species that will overtake the whole planet if we are not carefull.
I wonder if, when these new creatures will rule the planet and the homo sapiens is extinct, they will start wondering one day who created them and if they will start a religion of some sort?
I see a whole group of these hound-like creatures together in a churchlike ( more a laboratorylike ) building on a sunday morning, worshipping a blockchain, sometimes starting a war with similar creatures that worship another blockchain....

But, in the end I don't think that the future will look like that.
I think that the future world will be ruled by some sort of "intelligent"entity that resides inside a world wide web of connected blockchain computers. No humans ( or other carbon based lifeforms neccesary anymore ).
Inside this web there will be a world beyond our imagination, existing of endless calculations and data recordings with no purpose at all ( for humans that is, very purposefull for this entity though ).

@dragosroua Who watches the Watchers ??

Wow!! Great technology, thanks for sharing with us.

Yeah a control engineer could truly understand the motion made by the arm...
Way advanced and complicated....

Those robots will take over the world , it's start to be crappy

I really liked the video, technology in evolution

wow what technology could do is just insane wow

I can't play Boston Dynamic's videos in my house without my dog absolutely losing his shit... the sound, the image, it's crazy. He thinks it's going to tear us all apart. Go figure that one.

There are drones already deployed in San Francisco to police the streets, and that is scary. What' also scarier than this is AI governing your search engines, social media, not to mention those assistants you talk to in your home / phone. I'm more worried about those having access to your information, and basically what it is that makes you ... you.

hey, this is totally unrelated to this blog. I just wanted to tell you that I tried to vote for you as a witness because your steem supply was super helpful and encouraging. I don't know if I did it right but let me know if you don't get my vote. Thanks

Wow. That was awesome and a little creepy too. Imagine you are walking on the street and you encounter these kind of machines and you don't even know what they are capable of. I'm gonna show this video to my dog jk


Don't bite the hand that feeds you ;-)

the future is here and who you are the one to give us a glimpse of it
loving it
thank you so much @dragosroua