Life Keys: Debt

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How often to we covet another persons things? Why can't we just be happy with what we have?

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Becoming covetous can destroy not just you but also those around you, it can lead to greed, heartbreak and consuming debt. Many marriages end due to issues over money. Debt can lead to stress which can cause sickness, depression and even early death.

Early Debts

This is often a result of poor decisions or bad financial practices. Debt is like a sinking sand , once in it, it becomes really hard to get out.

Credit is a major problem as it gives us a fouls sense of money, often we buy things on credit and think we are own these things, but this is not so, these things actually own us.

Interest can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Interest works constantly, it never gets sick or take a day off, it is there 24/7. Once we in debt it becomes out companion every second of the day, it doesn't listen to and demands or orders, one cannot control debt and if you can't meet its demands and requirements it destroys you.

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One of our greatest problems today is debt, it is destroying peoples lives and even their futures and anyone around them. It doesn't help to teach a person how to get out of debt, one of the best ways to teach is to teach them how to stay out of debt.

Don't spend more than you have, this might not always be possible due to unseen events and circumstances. But if you are creating debt to obtain things then one should consider what true value is, and it is not things. There is much more to life than material things that we often surround ourselves with.

Some of the happiest people I know have very little things, but the best memories, experiences and friendships(relationships).

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Learning to save can be one of the greatest things that you will ever do. This will make sure that when those rough times come (they will come) that you will be able to face them head on, be able to lessen the damage that they cause to your finances and relationship with those around you.

Seek help and learning if you are struggling to stay out of debt, debt is not something you can take on alone. If you are in debt and not learning, from others, how to get out of debt, you only end up shooting yourself in the foot. Swallow up that pride and ask someone to teach and help you.

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One thing i learned - is never to loan money and never to take out loans

As well as I have. The hard way.

It's impossible to get out of debt in this fiat money system, because the government keeps borrowing on your behalf and keeps shoving taxes down your throat to pay it off.

Thanks for sharing. Upvoted and shared on Twitter✔ for my followers to read. Now following and looking forward to reading more of your blogs. Cheers. Stephen

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