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Never losing hope. A bright day is not made by the amount of sun shining, but rather the amount that shines from you. When it comes to life the only way to truly be happy is to always be hoping tomorrow will be better than today then you step out the door and try your very best.

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@samstonehill had his account hacked recently and it was a shock to all those who know him. After a long struggle he finally got his account back. Many thanks to those people who have helped out and supported him through these times.

Hope can be found anywhere and everywhere. The greatest examples of hope are children, they are always hoping and even when things do happen they way the hoped it to be they still keep hope. They are forever hoping and dreaming of a brighter future.

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For those of you who do not know, my account has been "lost" what I mean by this is that I no longer have the active or owner key to this account. My last hope is in the hard drive that was dropped, it still spins, but does not open up in a computer and when we tried doing a data recovery it stops at a certain present.

It is now more than a month later that I have had full access to my account and things are not looking great. Even though my last hope is in the data recovery specialist, I still have hope that in the future steemit will have a way to recover my account by proving that it is mine.

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I hope that all of us will never lose hope in the things we love and want most in life.

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This is really inspiring, I really like this post, reminds me of my posts. I'm a motivational writer. I'm really encouraged and glad to see things like things on Steemit. Shows I'm not the only one trying to get words out there inspire people. This is really great please keep it up.

Very well said, inspiring words for everyone.

Images are busted, not sure why, but I will get them fixed soon.

Very Inspirational, I would love to visit Africa sometime, I am going to read over your articles for suggestions.

That is so great. I am very grateful for that! Love it.

Never give up and never loose hope, thanks for these motivational words, keeep on motivating.

I just found out this morning that he was able to get his account back. Saw his other account @samstonehilltube with rep 55. I liked the way he handled it, even when he was probably thinking the account is gone, he was warning others not to fall victim of phishing. That's very courageous of him. Glad to find out earlier today that the account is back. That's super. Keep hope alive. Keep steeming ✌️💯

True. Celebrate with us. War in Marawi has finally ended after 6months of non-stop shooting and killing. Finally it ended today. God speed!

great lines you have shared with everyone..very motivational "NEVER GIVE UP",
I also want to share some great lines-"There are two types of Pain in this world,Pain that hurts you and the pain that changes you" so feel the pain to get success in life but never lose hope..Thanks friend for sharing..

Hiii @dragonslayer109, very inspiring article wrote with beautiful images, off course you are right saying that never loose your hope always be positive and hope for the best. And many many congratulations to @samstonehill, for recovering his account and also thanks to those peoples who done this effort.,. Have a look on my recent blog for positive response,,, Thanks,,,...

Hope is a big word last week i was depressed because of my school issue i was giving up then one of my prof talk to me and gave me inspiring motivational advice just then i redeemed my hope to finish my course even if it is hard i can do this and pursue my dream

if the first step or first feel comfortable is a better sign than ever before.
I really like your words

Isn't there claim a hacked account option on steemit? That won't work??

Keep on keeping on. That's how we all roll.

losing hoping is like losing your self in the middle of the ocean

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I hope that all of us will never lose hope in the things we love and want most in life.

We won't lose hope to make your hope in us hopeless.
You really tried in getting your account back.. :-)
Would have lost hope if it was me

Never let go of hope!
As long as there is hope, no matter how little the spark might be, there is a way!
Glad to know that your friend got his account back! Now I hope you will find a way to get your own key back!

I am sure there will be a way for me to get my account back, even if it takes a long time, I don't mind the wait.

Yes true. Waiting is not that bad! And Steemit is still changing and things keep getting better so I am sure they will also find a way to help out.

Never really know he could do it, especially when he said he's forgotten the email he used and also that he didn't create with anon steem which doesn't require the email. I'm happy for him.

Yes this account was created many many months ago before any of those things were needed. All you needed was a facebook or reddit account to create an account. Back in the good old days :D

Lol at past times worth remembering, that is recently a year ago, yet I should admit those past times worth remembering truly shook!

Lol at good old days, that is just last year, but I must confess those good old days really rocked!

You’re blessed. Thanks for posting this ..✌️

great motivative sir very nice Never Looose hope in all the matter of life hope your accout will back to you soon ^_^
Steven Hawkins said "When there is life there is hope"
Followed you a small support from me wish you the same:)

thanks for that inspiring word,giving up is not the solution, but facing whatever comes our way with courage.please am now following you ,i will appreciate if you do same @dragonslayer109

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